Welcome! We have a supportive and fun-loving kin who enjoys all aspects of gaming including fellowing, helping kinmates, exploring content and an unwavering drive to have fun! While we are a thriving Rank 10 kinship, we warmly welcome new members of any level who are still searching for a kinship worth logging into. Join us...and grow with us.

Please read the Kinship Policies & Guidelines and then click the Join Now button. 


Applicants that are welcomed to The Eregion Guardians will remain in recruit status for 30 days.  The purpose of this is to allow the applicant to determine if the kin is a good fit. After 30 days, if they are a good fit, new Recruits will earn Member status and therefore gain access to kin perks such as Kin Auction House and adding alternate characters.



Members should fit the following:

1. 18 or older

2. An active player

3. Represent the kin well in chat channels and fellowships  (No trolling in chat channels...EVER)   

4. Be social in kin chat and not be afraid to ask for help and advice

5. Pay it forward. When something is gifted to you, find a way to give back

6. Be dependable, especially with events in which you sign up for (this includes arriving on time and prepared)

7. Respect your kin mates and mesh well with them

8. Feel open to make suggestions or express concerns

9. Actively use the kin website for event signups, discussion, advice, knowledge tools, and socializing

10. For raiding purposes, Ventrilo and the ability to hear is required  (not required for leveling purposes, just raiding)


Although not mandatory, it is helpful for Members to:

1. Skill up a profession & grand master of craft guild



The Eregion Guardians is helpful and supportive to not only main characters but to alternate characters as well. While we warmly welcome all alts, we do urge discretion here.  It is completely your choice if you enjoy playing in multiple kinships, but please take careful consideration of your plans for your alts in the future.  If you are unsure if you would like your alts in EG, it is probably best that you take the time you need to realize what is best for your gaming pleasure.  This is especially true if your alts are in another kinship.  We strongly advise leaving them in that kinship until you obtain membership status with EG.



While we have players from many different time zones, the kin time zone is based on Eastern Standard Time (EST).  All of the kin events on the website are notated in EST. For your convenience, calendar times are converted to your time zone based on the zone you selected at time of website registration. We welcome players from any time zone with the understanding that most events are scheduled based on EST.


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